Who wants to run a popsicle stand with me?

Okay, don’t beat me up, I do realize it has been 18 days since I’ve updated you. ┬áBut, I’m just going to be perfectly honest…

May 2013 has been the worst month I’ve had since moving to Georgia.

I can be dramatic, yes, but I’m also being serious. It has been the worst month because every month has been pretty great since January 2012, and now I’m finally hitting some hurdles. Life does that crap to you sometimes.

Within a span of 2.5 weeks:

- I was aid off (I can’t spell laid. might explain things. Rather than fixing that, I decided to point it out to you instead….might also explain things)

- Bahamas vacation was cancelled (personal and unforeseen circumstances, but we are still having a week of beach festivities in St. Simons Island)

- I haven’t seen my man! (his Finals week, Mothers Day, trying to save money for vacation)

- I was on a vegetarian/ no alcohol cleanse (that’ll depress anyone)

All I’ve wanted the last few weeks is a big hug from my man and possibly a big glass of wine and a big cheeseburger. Well, we still haven’t seen each other :(

but, I have had a big glass of wine and a big cheeseburger :)

It is completely and entirely justified though. Just, hear me out.

Last time I wrote, I was determined to stick to my ”’no meat, no alcohol” cleanse before my big Bahamas vacation. Well, two weeks into it, I’d bought a couple new bikinis (don’t judge my shopping habits during unemployment) and I was feeling great! Well, then I got the email…

Bahamas vacation cancelled! Still going on a beach vacation, but due to unforeseen circumstances, flight issues and other personal matters, we moved our Bahama beach vacation to St. Simons Island.

And, although I am very excited, and this vacation next week is much needed, I automatically said, ”screw the BAHAMA diet. No Bahamas = no Bahama diet for me. I went straight to the fridge, poured myself a giant glass of white wine and took a huge bite of a chicken salad sandwich (wherever the heck that came from…? Seriously though, I didn’t make it.)

Then I proceeded to call Country Man and ask repeatedly, ”Am I a horrible person? I can’t believe I didn’t stick this out for the whole month. Is this bad? Screw it. I’m finishing this wine.”

He, of course, did not judge me…he never does. He always says, ”It’s all good, beautiful. And I respond, ”Would you still call me beauty if you saw this chicken salad drooling out of my mouth right now.”

”Yes, beauty.”

Aaaah I love him.

I don’t know if that actually happened… I was already 9 gulps of wine in…. but it sounds like pretty much every other conversation we’ve had.

I can’t wait to see him next week! It’s long overdue…and so is the vacation! You’d be surprised how tiring being unemployed can be! I think it’s the not-knowing, worrying, stressing, ”what am I doing with my life” questions and all that nonsense that just completely wears me out.

My brain needs a vacation.

Maybe I should just load up my car and work at a popsicle stand the rest of the summer. Hey, why not?

PS: Does anyone else sing that Taylor Swift song, ”22″, at the top of their lungs in the shower and then get out feeling like you really are 22 and should just do something totally crazy…like work at a popsicle stand for a living and maybe collect seashells in your spare time and make some cool beachy trinkets and jewelry to sell on the side…like actually on the side of your popsicle stand. A popsicle/ seashell jewelry stand.

Cuz that’s what I just did….

Genius I tell you.

(PPS: sorry for the lack of pictures. May doesn’t deserve any pictures yet)

Except for maybe this one…

bacon feta cheeseburger


Yes that would be a cheeseburger and a glass of wine in the background. Bacon, avocado, feta & colby jack burger….very California of me.

Hey, it was real beef!






Unlike this crap I saw in the grocery store! very Georgia



very disgusting.










Okay, thanks for letting me vent/ ramble, as always.

xoxo I love you lots!

4 comments for “Who wants to run a popsicle stand with me?

  1. May 19, 2013 at 1:41 pm

    Hey girl! Try not to beat yourself up. Sometimes you just need some time off (from EVERYTHING) to re-evaluate. I recently said I was going to do a 12 week fitness program and only made it (half-assed) through week 6. Best of luck in your new job hunt. And, enjoy Saint Simons! P.S. Love that pink nail color in the cheeseburger pic.

    • May 19, 2013 at 1:56 pm

      Thanks so much for the sweet message and encouragement! I am super excited about St. Simons, and then when I get back my head will be clear and I’ll have like 200 Atlanta job offers in my inbox (lol! a girl can dream!) And hey, making it 6 weeks (even a half-ass 6 weeks) in any fitness program is a job well done in my book! I can barely do anything consistently for 6 days ;)

  2. Alison Doniger
    May 19, 2013 at 4:55 pm

    Ahhhhh Rachel you’re hilarious! Sorry all your stuff got so screwed up. I’m sure things will go back to being fabulous in no time!

    • May 19, 2013 at 10:22 pm

      Thanks Alison! You know me well, and probably know I’m being a little melodramatic. But, I just know how wonderful and fabulous life can be. So when it isn’t wonderful and fabulous I just get a little grumpy. ya know?

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