A Whole New Woman!

Okay, last time we talked I wasn’t exactly at the highest point in my life….which is why I put off writing for….well the past two months!

But since that time I’ve checked several things off my list and I feel like a whole new woman! One super super super busy, whole new woman. I’ll break it down for you real quick and then I promise I’ll get into more details soon (like this week soon…not two months from now soon!)

So, in the last two months I……

- Got hired back at the old job and went back part-time

- Then got hired for a new full-time job that I LOVE

- My sister moved in with us

- Spent 10 days on St. Simons Island

- Got terribly pukey seasick while deep sea fishing and it was caught on video camera

- Ate a fried cricket (and did not throw up)

- Went paddle boarding for the first time (in the same water where baby sharks had been spotted all day)

- Flew to Florida for a long weekend

- Did not get seasick in FL..but sliced my foot on the boat propeller (it was off thank god!)

- Have had multiple visits with Country Man

- Joined “ItWorks Global” as a Distributor (part-time job)

- Threw a “wrap party” with my Mom to kick off my “ItWorks” endeavor

- Got in a fender bender (not my fault!)

- Got a new bumper on my car

- Got a new phone after the Man’s took a swim in Lake Lanier and I gave him my old one

- Broke my new phone the first day it was in my possession

- Got a new phone again (still not broken!!)

- Got a new computer (not broken yet!!)

- Actually went swamp fishing with Country Man (but no gator sightings)

- Went wine tasting in Dahlonega

- Spilled wine all over my new white sundress (sensing the trend here?)

- Went and saw THIS GUY live….who also happened to be my old office’s janitor…..

So….ummm….yea….about that….

It’s definitely been quite the summer so far! What have y’all been up to??

I’ve missed ya!!

2 comments for “A Whole New Woman!

  1. LaDonna Fasig (MOM)
    July 24, 2013 at 12:00 am

    What about the scavenger hunt in ATL?
    Yes you have had a very busy Summer.

    • July 24, 2013 at 9:09 am

      Hahaha, how could I forget the MARTA bus scavenger hunt!?!

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