The Pinterest Project Project

Watch out! This is one of those times when I’m going a little deeper on ya! Sometimes I think about more than Country Man, fishing with Country Man, running and food.

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I know…you’d never be able to tell!

So, I noticed the magazines and blogs that I’m drawn to most are about DIY projects, adventure & travel, simple living, homesteading, cooking, outdoor activities, etc. And I have realized now, more than ever, that my generation is pretty obsessed with ”getting back to our roots”, steering away from corporate jobs, strip malls,  chain restaurants and clothing stores. We inspire each other to buy local and show each other how to make things from scratch.

But, how do we inspire and share?

Well, on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Tumblr, Google Plus, WordPress, BlogHer, Yelp, Foursquare, and Flickr of course!

We make claims to want originally-crafted and simple lifestyles, but we edit the crap out of our photos on our smart phones and then share them across 20 different social media platforms!

Yes, I am guilty of this!

But, it’s also my job. I am in marketing at an Atlanta-area magazine….so yea, justification in action again ;)

I think with all the time I spend editing pictures of the food I cooked, sharing it with the world, checking back every hour for who else liked or commented on it, I could have made a whole other meal in that time.

We despise technology, this Pinterest-generation, but we thrive on it and crave it at the same time.

Caleb and I were watching some History Channel show about a remote tribe in Africa, where they are (obviously) fully self-sustaining: the men hunt and gather while the women cook and sew and clean. I asked him if he would rather have lived in the hunter-gatherer times than now….and I’m sure you already know the answer to that question. Yes, of course he would! Give that man a stick to carve into a spear, a knife and some rope and he’d be set for life!

I, on the other hand, PRETEND that I would like to live in a simpler era, but yet I know that I would miss my blogs, instagram filters and affirmation/attention on Facebook that I am indeed a cool person.

I think, and stay with me here, that technology (when used properly) has actually enhanced our culture/community and I think it has made people more aware of what they are actually able to do and make with their own hands. We inspire each other….and that is a good thing!

I just think that we (myself definitely included) waste way too much time looking and dreaming and sharing photos than we spend actually doing, creating, making and physically helping one another. One of my best friends has over 22,000 pins on her Pinterest board. And yes, she planned her entire wedding from Pinterest and made nearly every single decoration herself and it was BEAUTIFUL….but 22,000!! Holy Crap! You know who you are ;) and you know that I love you!!

Soooo…..with all of that said: instead of just looking and daydreaming on blogs and social media pages all day, I’m going to invoke the Pinterest Project Project.  I will make, bake, craft, do or cook at least ONE ”Pinterest Project” a week in the month of August. I will actually take what I’m ”learning” from my peers, make my outstanding amount of time spent on technology worthwhile and put it into practice!C’mon Pinterest People, you know who you are….!

Oh, where to begin though….just look at all these projects that people make look way easier than they probably are!


Looks like I’m gonna be busy!!

Anyone want to join me or help me?? I know you do :)

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    Me, me!!! I want to play. :-)

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